• <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 9. HORAE. Illuminated manuscript on vellum.<br>Est. $30,000-$50,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 55. KELMSCOTT PRESS. CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. Edited by F.S. Ellis.<br>Est. $30,000-$50,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 57. SHAKESPEARE HEAD PRESS. SPENSER, EDMUND. 1930-32.<br>Est. $15,000-$25,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 87. RIVERA, DIEGO. 1886-1957. Manuscript album in various hands.<br>Est. $15,000-$20,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 108. ARCTIC PHOTOGRAPHY. WHITNEY, HARRY. 1873-1936. Album of 188 photographs. Est. $10,000-$15,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 110. BRAZIL. DE MORAES, JOSÉ. Portuguese Manuscript on paper.<br>Est. $30,000-$50,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 120. FLORIDABLANCA, MOÑINO Y REDONDO, JOSÉ CONDE DE. 1728-1808. Manuscript in Spanish on paper. Est. $25,000-$35,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 155. THOMSON, JOHN. 1837-1921. Illustrations of China and its People. A Series of Two Hundred Photographs. Est. $15,000-$20,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 156. VANCOUVER, GEORGE. 1757-1798. A Voyage Of Discovery To The North Pacific Ocean, And Round The World. Est. $18,000-$25,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 184. WHITMAN, WALT. 1819-1892. Autograph Manuscript Signed ("Walt Whitman"). Est. $30,000-$50,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 219. HOUGH, ROMEYN BECK. 1857-1924. The American Woods, Exhibited by Actual Specimens and with Copious Explanatory. Est. $20,000-$30,000.
    <b>Bonhams 22 Sep 2014:</b> Lot 280. WAGNER, RICHARD. Autograph Musical Quotation Signed ("Richard Wagner"). Est. $12,000-$18,000.
  • <b>19th Century Shop</b>. 30th anniversary catalogue of landmark rare books, autographs and manuscripts, and historical photographs of all ages.
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. Abraham Lincoln, "a previously unknown portrait of exceptional quality." From the collection of John Hay.
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. <i>The Federalist</i> (1788). An important association copy in original boards, untrimmed.
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. Isaac Newton. <i>Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica</i> (1687).
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. Shakespeare's <i>Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies</i> (1632).
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. John Rockefeller. Ambrotype, the earliest known photograph of Rockefeller.
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. Muybridge, <i>Animal Locomotion</i> (1887) subscriber's copy.
  • <b>Koller 20 September 2014:</b> Weinmann, Johann Wilhelm. Phytanthoza-Iconographia. Regensburg 1737-1742-1745.<br>Sold for CHF 54 000.
    <b>Koller 20 September 2014:</b> Canaletto - Visentini, Antonio. Urbis Venetiarum prospecut celebriores. Venice, 1751. Sold for CHF 21 600.
    <b>Koller 20 September 2014:</b> Roberts, David. The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabi, Egypt& Nubia. London, 1842-849. Sold for CHF 224 400.
    <b>Koller 20 September 2014:</b> Apian, Peter. Astronomicum Caesareum. 1540. Sold for CHF 660 000.
    <b>Koller 20 September 2014:</b> Koran. Iran, dat. 1208h (=1793/94).<br>Sold for CHF 36 000.
    <b>Koller 20 September 2014:</b> Nur ad-Din Abdur Rahman Dschami. "The present of the deliberated". Bukhara (Uzbekistan), around 1540. Sold for CHF 50 400.
    <b>Koller 20 September 2014:</b> Prévost d'Exiles, Antoine François. Histoire générale des voyages... Den Haag and Amsterdam, 1747-1780.<br>Sold for CHF 31 200.
  • <b>RR Auction: </b> Raleigh DeGeer Amyx. Live September 17 & 18.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 77. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 Inaugural Top Hat. Minimum Bid $2,500.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 78. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Wool Cape. Minimum<br>Bid: $15,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 79. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Walnut Cane. Minimum Bid: $10,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 171. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Original Painting of His 1944 London Home. Minimum<br>Bid: $25,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 172. General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Four-Star A-2 Jacket. Minimum Bid: $5,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 177. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Rolex Watch. Minimum Bid: $100,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 330. Thomas Jefferson White House China Soup Bowl. Minimum Bid: $3,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 443. Innsbruck Olympics 1976 Gold Winners Medal. Minimum Bid: $1,000.
    <b>RR Auction: </b> Remarkable Rariety Auction, Live September 18th.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 1001. Martin Luther Autograph Manuscript Signed. Minimum Bid: $5,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 1004. Wall Street Land Purchase Manuscript Document. Minimum Bid: $5,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 1019. Abraham Lincoln Signed Photograph. Minimum Bid: $10,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 1025. William Barret Travis Autograph Document Signed. Minimum Bid: $10,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 1040. Albert Einstein Signed Photograph. Minimum<br>Bid: $10,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 1046. Nelson Mandela’s Torch of Freedom. Minimum Bid: $50,000.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 1060. Ayn Rand Original Manuscript Page from Atlas Shrugged. Minimum Bid: $2,500.
    <b>RR Auction:</b> Lot 1063. Andy Warhol 'Portraits of the Artists’ Screenprint. Minimum Bid: $5,000.

Auction Reports

Bruun Rasmussen

Auction Info

Auction Name
Modern and Contemporary Prints
Auction Date
09/30/2014 - 09/30/2014
Sale Number
Total Lots
Sold Lots
Lots Sold
Unsold Lots
Total Sales (EUR)
Low Estimate of Lots Sold (EUR)
High Estimate of Lots Sold (EUR)
Low Estimate of All Lots (EUR)
High Estimate of All Lots (EUR)
Total Sales as a % of High Est.

Top twenty by sale price

Lot Number Author Name Book Title Year Published Estimate Actual Price
644 Serge Poliakoff Composition, 1959. 1959 EUR 670.00 - 670.00 EUR 4,375.00
521 Pierre Alechinsky Eleonora's Garden, 1988. 1988 EUR 1,050.00 - 1,350.00 EUR 1,812.50
756 Asger Jorn Sulla Strada II. 1970 EUR 1,050.00 - 1,050.00 EUR 1,250.00
577 Michael Kvium Selvportræt som Eckersbergs Thorvaldsen, 2001. 2001 EUR 535.00 - 535.00 EUR 918.75
572 Paul Jenkins Claudine chez Saint Paul de Vence, 1985. 1985 EUR 1,050.00 - 1,050.00 EUR 837.50
647 Tal R Composition. 2000 EUR 805.00 - 1,050.00 EUR 837.50
775 Henry Heerup Forældre (Parents) and figure composition. EUR 270.00 - 270.00 EUR 837.50
676 Franciska Clausen Neoplastic composition, after gouache from 1929. 1929 EUR 270.00 - 270.00 EUR 737.50
563 Michael Kvium Limelight Bastard, part 1 of 6. 2005 EUR 400.00 - 400.00 EUR 668.75
663 Max Ernst Composition. EUR 1,050.00 - 1,050.00 EUR 668.75
525 Jim Dine Sybil in her dressing room, 1968. 1968 EUR 805.00 - 805.00 EUR 587.50
538 Carl-Henning Pedersen Himlens Park, 1982. 1982 EUR 270.00 - 270.00 EUR 537.50
605 Michael Kvium Limelight Bastard, part 2 of 6. 2005 EUR 400.00 - 400.00 EUR 537.50
630 Michael Kvium Limelight Bastard, part 3 of 6. 2005 EUR 400.00 - 400.00 EUR 500.00
535 Marc Chagall Two compositions. EUR 535.00 - 670.00 EUR 468.75
583 Pierre Alechinsky Composition, 1980. 1980 EUR 400.00 - 400.00 EUR 418.75
698 Max Ernst Two compositions on one piece of paper. EUR 670.00 - 670.00 EUR 418.75
659 Asger Jorn Composition, 1972. 1972 EUR 400.00 - 400.00 EUR 368.75
673 Walasse Ting Composition with two women, 1979. 1979 EUR 535.00 - 535.00 EUR 368.75
585 Corneille Interior with odalisque and red chair. 1980 EUR 400.00 - 535.00 EUR 337.50

  • <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Bernard Romans, <i>Map of the Seat of Civil War in America</i>, Philadelphia, 1775. Sold October 10, 2013 for $173,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> First Confederate imprint announcing the dissolution of the Union, Charleston, SC, December 20, 1860. Sold October 10, 2013 for $37,500.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> R.L. Hobson, <i>A Catalogue of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain in the Collection of Sir Percival David BT.</i>, F.S.A., 1934. Sold October 24, 2013 for $20,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Illuminated Book of Hours in French and Latin, France, circa 1500. Sold November 12, 2013 for $12,500.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Rex Stout, <i>Fer-de-Lance</i>, first edition, 1934. Sold November 21, 2013 for $21,250.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Group of five autograph letters signed by Albert Einstein, grappling with gravitation before publishing his General Theory, 1910-15. Sold November 26, 2013 for $161,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Ernest H. Shepard, <i>Their Search for Small</i>, pen-and-ink illustration for page 39 of A.A. Milne's House at Pooh Corner, 1928. Sold January 23, 2014 for $47,500.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Harriet Jacobs, <i>Incidents in the Life of Slave Girl, Written by Herself</i>, first edition, 1861. Sold March 27, 2014 for $20,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Johann Schöner, <i>Opera Mathematica</i>, first collected edition, Nuremberg, 1551. Sold April 3, 2014 for $62,500.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Andreas Vesalius, <i>Compendiosa totius anatomie delineatio</i>, first edition of the first Vesalian piracy, 1545. Sold May 1, 2014 for $50,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Edward Gorey, posters for the New York City Ballet, 1974-75. Sold May 7, 2014 for $2,750.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> John James Audubon, <i>Meadow Lark. Plate CXXXVI</i>, hand-colored plate from The Birds of America,1832. Sold June 3, 2014 for $16,250.
  • <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> Live Auction Tuesday Sep 9, and 10, 2014.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> ALBERT KESSELRING KNIGHT'S CROSS OF THE IRON CROSS AWARD. Est. $30,000-$40,000.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> ARCHIVE OF MIDWAY K.I.A. MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT CAPT. DAVID E. FLEMING. Est.$1,500-$2,500.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b><br>D-DAY BOMBARDMENT PLANS FOR OMAHA AND UTAH BEACHES.<br>Est.$4,000-$6,000.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b><br>II CORPS SECRET AFTER-ACTION REPORT ON INVASION OF SICILY. Est.$2,000-$3,000.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> Live Auction Tuesday Sep 9, and 10, 2014.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> "DAS BUCH ISIDOR". Est.$800-$1,200.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b><br>ANTI-SEMITIC VICHY FRENCH POSTER. Est. $300-$400.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> "AWARD FOR CARELESS TALK".<br>Est. $150-$200.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> GEN. ROBERT C. RICHARDSON JR.'S LIEUTENANT GENERAL'S THREE-STAR BANNER. Est.$2,000-$3,000.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> JAPANESE KAMIKAZE PILOT'S "GOOD LUCK" FLAG. ESt.$750-$1,000.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> IDENTIFIED DECORATED JACKET FROM 40TH BOMB GROUP, 315TH BOMBER WING FLYING "THE HUMP". Est.$2,500-$3,500.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> LUFTWAFFE HELMET CAPTURED AND PAINTED BY A HEROIC BLACK SOLDIER. Est.$1,500-$2,000.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b><br>16TH CENTURY AUSTRIAN CROSSBOW, WINDER, AND BOLT. Est.$6,000-$8,000.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> BATTLE FLAG OF THE 5TH ALABAMA CAVALRY. Est.$25,000-$35,000.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> (AFRICAN-AMERICAN COLLECTIBLE) BLACK "GRUMPY" DOLL BY GUND. Est.$400-$600.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> BENITO MUSSOLINI INSCRIBES HIS PHOTO TO A FUTURE AMERICAN FOUR-STAR GEN. Est.$1,000-$1,500.
    <b>Alexander Historical Auctions:</b> THE ONLY EXISTING POSTER FROM THE BEATLES 1964 AUSTRALIA CONCERT TOUR. Est.$4,000-$6,000.
  • <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b> Lot 2. Hondius, Gerardus Mercator … Iudocus Hondius, 1635. Est. $2500-$3250
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 16. John Speed, A New and Accurat Map of the World According..., 1626.<br>Est. $14000-$16000
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 43. "Septentrionalium Terrarum Descriptio" Mercator/Hondius, 1623. Est. $2200-$2500
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 47. Cellarius, Haemisphaerium Stellatum Boreale, 1661.<br>Est. $3500-$4500
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 55. Gilman Joslin, [12-Inch Globe] Loring's Terrestrial Globe, 1846.<br>Est. $7500-$9000
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 64. Blaeu, Americae Nova Tabula, 1640. Est. $6000-$7000
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 174. Hondius, Virginiae Item et Floridae Americae Provinciarum, 1623. Est. $2750-$3500
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 326. Gerard Hulst Van Keulen, Pas Kaart van de Golff van Mexico, 1684. Est. $3000-$3750
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 392. De Medina, Nuevo Mundo, 1545. Est. $10000-$15000
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 393. Vicenzo Maria Coronelli, [Globe Gore of the Atlantic Ocean], 1697. Est. $1500-$1800
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 400. De Jode, Nova Totius Europae Tabula, 1613. Est. $6000-$7500
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 574. Ortelius, Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrinatio, 1598.<br>Est. $2750-$3500
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 624. Linschoten/Langren, Exacta & Accurata Delineatio cum Orarum, 1596. Est. $13000-$15000
    <b>Old World Auctions (Sept 3-17):</b><br>Lot 717. Audubon, Brown Pelican, 1860. Est. $4000-$5000
  • <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere: Beaulieu.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere: Blaeu Left Side.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere: Blaeu Center.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere: Blaeu Right Side.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere: Claude Gellee.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere:<br>D Auteroche.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere:<br>Goy Tauromachie.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere:<br>Goya Los Caprichos.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere:<br>Goya Los desastres.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere:<br>La Fontaine.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere: Levaillant.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere: Ptolemy.
    <b>Sotheby's Paris November 6th.</b> Bibliothèque Carlo de Poortere: Watteau.
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