Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

Lot Number 232
Author ORTELIUS, Abraham
Title Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
Year Published 1570
Place Printed
Printed By Gillis Coppens of Diest]
Description (Atlas) - ORTELIUS, Abraham.Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.(Antverpiae [Anvers], apud Aegid. Coppenium Diesth.[ensis] [i.e. Gillis Coppens of Diest], 1570).In-f : [8, engraved title included] lvs, 53 maps, [30] lvs (margins of first and last leaves used and slightly soiled with small lacks of paper not affecting the text, some maps creased and some central folds partly split).Contemporary binding : full vellum, title with pen on flat spine (slightly soiled and used).Complete copy of this rare first edition (second variant), enriched with 7 supplementary maps (5 colored) and 1 plate.Engraved allegorical title with the female personnifications of the 5 continents and 69 engraved maps on 53 mapleaves with Latin text by Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598) on verso. The first large modern atlas and a landmark in the history of cartography outlining the standards of all later atlases with text and maps in a uniform format and presentation.# Koeman Ort 1; # Koeman-van der Krogt 31:001B (engraved title 31:1A but with a 16-line epigram on verso; "Catalogus Auctorum" 31:001B, with 91 names; colophon 31:001B); # PMM 91.Annotated copy : largest distances of France (Metz-Bayonne and Calais-Narbonne) and other annotations written in the upper margin of the map "Gallia", plus longitudes and latitudes drawn in red ink on the same; numerical inscriptions of longitudes and latitudes on the map "Biturigum & Limania"; radial axes and a circle with its centre in Strasbourg drawn in red ink on the map "Germania"; some underlinings in red pen on the maps of Holland and Polonia.Enriched with (together 60 mapleaves and 1 plate on double page) :- MERCATOR, G.Orbis Terrae Compendiosa Descriptio, 1587. Mercator's First world map in 2 hemispheres (colored, outer margins slightly trimmed, verso blank). # Shirley 157; # Koeman-van der Krogt [0001:1A].- HOGENBERG, F.Americae et proximarum regionum orae descriptio, 1589. Very rare map of America (north and south) taken from "Relation oder Beschreibung der Rheiss und Schiffahrt auss Engellandt" (Cologne, 1589; colored, verso blank). # Burden.The mapping of North America, p. 80; # Tooley, Dictionnary II-351; # not in Karrow.- ORTELIUS, A.Asiae Nova Descriptio, [1574]. Second state (colored, verso blank). # Koeman-van der Krogt [8000:31B]; # van den Broecke 7; # not in Karrow.- ORTELIUS, A.Africae Tabula Nova, 1570. First and only state (colored, verso blank). # Koeman-van der Krogt [8600:31]; # van den Broecke 8; # Karrow 1/9.- ORTELIUS, A.Europae, [1602]. Rare map figuring the western part of Groenland, Nova Zembla, Europe, a large part of Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. Occurs EXCLUSIVELY in the German edition of the Theatrum of 1602 (colored, verso blank). # Koeman-van der Krogt [1000:361]; # not in van den Broecke.- MERCATOR, G.Hungaria, [1585]. Longitudes and latitudes drawn in red pen (verso blank, slightly trimmed). # Koeman-van der Krogt [2800:1A.1].- ARIAS MONTANUS, B.Montis Domini totiusq. Sacri Templi exemplum ex Antiquis descriptionibus a Bened. Aria Montano Observatis ad apparatus Sacri Instructionem. Antverpiae, Christophorus Plantinus, 1578. Very rare Plantinian broadside with printed explanation showing in detail the Temple of Jerusalem. Probably primarily intended to figure in the "Apparatus" of the Polyglot Bible. The illustration without the printed explanation has been reproduced in B. Arias Montanus "Antiquitatum Judaicarum" printed in Leiden by the Officina Plantiniana in 1593 (verso blank, split on the central fold and tear without loss at the lower left corner). # Voet 584.- ORTELIUS, A.Presbiteri Johannis sive Abissinorum imperii descriptio, [1573]. Leaf "52.A." with Latin text on verso occuring for the first time in the "Additamentum" of 1573. # Koeman-van der Krogt [8720:31]; # van den Broecke 175; # Karrow 1/105.Edition originale (2e variante) de ce celebre atlas. Exemplaire complet avec qqs cartes annotees dont une en francais, augmente de 7 cartes (1 par Hogenberg, 2 par Mercator et 4 par Ortelius, dont 1 mappemonde, et 4 continents, dont 4 rehaussees). Plein velin souple de l'ep. (marges des 1ers et dern. ff. abimees avec petits manques, qqs cartes avec faux plis, qqs plis centraux partiellement fendus, rel. us. et defraichie).
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