Liber Chronicarum.

Lot Number 125
Author SCHEDEL, Hartmann (1440-1514).
Title Liber Chronicarum.
Year Published 1493
Place Printed Nuremberg
Printed By Anton Koberger for Sebald Schreyer and Sebastian Kammermeister
Description SCHEDEL, Hartmann (1440-1514). Liber Chronicarum. Nuremberg: Anton Koberger for Sebald Schreyer and Sebastian Kammermeister, 12 July 1493. Imperial 2A (431 x 298mm). Collation: [1-26 38; 46 5-74 8-116 122 134 14-166 172 18-196 20-254 26-296 302 316 324 33-356 362 374 38-616] (1/1 xylographic title-page, 1/1v blank, 2/1 index, 4/1r Creation-Ultimate Age of the World, 53/5-6 and 54/1 blank except for printed headlines, 54/6v blank, 55/1r Sarmatian supplement, 55/5v verse on the exploits of Maximilian, 55/6 blank, 56/1r supplements to the Sixth Age and description of Europe, 61/3v-4r map of Europe, 61/4v colophon, 61/5-6 blank). 325 leaves (of 328, without blank 55/6 and 61/5-6), quire 55 (Sarmatian supplement) bound at end. 64 lines and headline, table and parts of text double column. Types: 9:165G (headlines and headings), 16:110bG (text). 1809 WOODCUT ILLUSTRATIONS WITH CONTEMPORARY COLOURING, printed from 645 blocks (S.C. Cockrell's count, Some German Woodcuts of the Fifteenth Century, Kelmscott Press: 1897, pp.35-6) by Michael Wolgemut, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff and their workshop, including Albrecht DA1/4rer, index rubricated, the first initial with contrasting Maiblumen decoration. (Approximately 83 leaves supplied, the majority from one unrubricated copy with several from another, slightly smaller, copy, supplied leaves with later colouring, numerous minor marginal repairs, scattered light staining, a few leaves repaired with minor loss made good, light browning in quires 31-32, title somewhat defective at margins and with evidence of removed stamp in lower margin, 61/3/4 [map] a little defective.) Italian 18th-century archival ledger binding, tooled in blind with floral rolls and filets, sewn onto 3 external straps, metal fastening for cloth ties (minor stains and wear). Provenance: a few early annotations -- 17th-century inscription crossed through on 61/2v. FIRST EDITION of the most extensively illustrated book of the 15th century, with over 1800 woodcuts. Albrecht DA1/4rer, godson of Koberger, is believed to have worked on the woodcuts, since he was apprenticed to Wolgemut from 1486 to 1489. Two editions, one in Latin for an international audience and one in German for domestic readers, were planned simultaneously, each with its own specially designed, new type, and both with the same woodcuts; the Latin edition preceded the German by about 5 months. (See A. Wilson, The Making of the Nuremberg Chronicle, Amsterdam: 1976.) The Nuremberg Chronicle includes two double-page maps: a world map (Shirley 19) based on Mela's Cosmographia (1482), and a map of northern and central Europe by Hieronymus MA1/4nzer (1437-1508) after Nicolas Khyrpffs. The world map is one of only three 15th-century maps showing Portuguese knowledge of the Gulf of Guinea of about 1470. The map of Europe is closely associated with Nicolas of Cusa's EichstAtt map, with which it is thought to share a common manuscript source of c. 1439-54. It is therefore claimed to be the first modern map of this region to appear in print. Although published later than the map of Germany in the 1482 Ulm Ptolemy, it was constructed earlier (Campbell, The Earliest Printed Maps, 1472-1500, 1987). HC *14508; BMC II, 437 (IC. 7451-3); Polain(B) 3469; CIBN S-161; BSB-Ink. S-195; Bod-Inc. S-108; Schreiber 5203; Goff S-307.
Comments a few early annotations -- 17th-century inscription crossed through on 61/2v.
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