Frank Frazetta The Solar Invasion Paperback Cover Original Art (Popular Library, 1968)

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Author Frank Frazetta
Title Frank Frazetta The Solar Invasion Paperback Cover Original Art (Popular Library, 1968)
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Description Frank Frazetta The Solar Invasion Paperback Cover Original Art (Popular Library, 1968). Manley Wade Wellman's pulp hero Captain Future is ready for cosmic adventure in an eye-popping cover painting by Frank Frazetta. This classic fantasy painting from the master's peak period is one of the finest examples we have ever offered, boldly incorporating all the elements collectors could hope for in a published Frazetta cover: a ruggedly handsome hero with weapon drawn, flanked by not one but two beautiful Frazetta girls, all framed within a masterfully dramatic composition. As Frazetta expert "Doc" Dave Winiewicz tells us, "Frank thought it was the most ambitious and most successful of all his early sci-fi compositions and was particularly happy about the girls. He thought they had a special sexy quality about them. Frank also was pleased with the color blending in the background -- he was disappointed that the published paperback washed out the intensity of the colors. I remember Frank explaining to me how the foreground snake creature, the mid-ground characters, and the colorful background all worked well to present a nice three dimensional presentation. Everything 'stood out' that was supposed to stand out. Frank said: 'I always want your eyes to go where I want them to go. If I can do that, then it's a success.'" This oil on canvas painting measures approximately 17.5" x 23.5", and has been attractively matted and framed, without glass, for an overall size of 25" x 31". It was given a light protective coating of clear varnish, and is in Excellent condition. This magnificent painting has remained out of the public eye, stashed away in the same private collection since the 1970s -- the very definition of a fresh-to-the-market masterpiece by the greatest fantasy artist of all time! Frazetta, Frank:Frank Frazetta (American, b. 1928): An artistic prodigy, Frank Frazetta broke into comic books at the age of 16 out of economic necessity. A series of landmark Buck Rogers covers for Famous Funnies and several outstanding EC jobs brought Frazetta to the attention of comic strip artist Al Capp, and he was soon hired to assist on the Li'l Abner Sunday strips from 1952-61. By the time that Frazetta had quit working for Capp, the comic book market had atrophied and his freelance opportunities had all but dried up. Frazetta was forced into the illustration market at large, and it proved to be a blessing in disguise. After creating a series of well-received movie posters and paperback covers, Frazetta's fortune was secured when he painted his world-famous paperback covers for Robert E. Howard's Conan character. A string of spectacular covers for Warren Publishing's titles Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella added to his success. Frank Frazetta is now widely regarded as the master of modern fantasy art..
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