Washington, George Autograph letter signed

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Author Washington, George
Title Washington, George Autograph letter signed
Year Published 1796
Place Printed United States,
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Description Washington, George. Autograph letter signed (“G. Washington”) as President, 1½ pages (8 ¾ x 7 ¼ in.; 223 x 186 mm.), “United States,” 12 October 1796 to “the Inhabitants of Shepherds Town and its vicinity.” In response to praise of his historic Farewell Address, President George Washington expresses confidence that his fellow Americans will always choose a fitting and able Chief Executive to lead the country. In the body of his letter, toning and foxing with some splits to horizontal folds and small paper losses hardly affecting more than a couple of characters of a few words. Skillfully silked. First in War, First in Peace, First in the Hearts of his Countrymen. Washington writes in full: “With great sensibility I receive your polite and affectionate address of the 6th instant. That Beneficent Providence, which, hitherto, has preserved us in Peace, & increased our prosperity, will not, I trust, withdraw its protecting hand, while we, on our part, endeavor to merit a continuance of its favors. Equally persuaded am I that no inconvenience will result from my retreat to the walks of private life. The good sense of my Countrymen will always discern and can never be at a loss to chuse, a fit character to administer the Executive Government of these Unites States. If it has been my good fortune through the course of my Civil and Military employments, to have met with the approbation of my Countrymen, my wishes will be consummated, and I shall have found the only reward I ever had in view. For the favorable sentiments you have expressed for me, and for your kind wishes, I sincerely thank you; and reciprocate with great cordiality my vows for your welfare.” Hoping to retire as early as 1793, Washington’s sense of duty required that he accept one final term as President which ended in 1797. On 19 September of that year, he published his Farewell Address in the American Daily Advertiser, in which he expressed his thoughts on such subjects as the inseparable union of the states and a plea for true neutrality for the nation. Written in part by Alexander Hamilton but embodying all of Washington’s highest principles, it has become one the cornerstones of American political prose. The present letter is in response to one of two memorials from Virginia citizens praising the Address. No doubt, his eloquent Farewell Address set the stage for his long awaited retirement, which according to Washington would soon “place me in the shades of Mount Vernon under my vine and fig tree. ” Writings, Fitzpatrick, ed., 35:232
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