Todd McFarlane Spider-Man #1 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1990)....

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Title Todd McFarlane Spider-Man #1 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1990)....
Year Published 1990
Place Printed
Printed By Marvel
Description Todd McFarlane Spider-Man #1 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1990). This issue was nothing less than the single biggest-selling comic book of all time to that point in terms of dollars generated. The initial press run was 2.35 million copies, a number not seen in comics since the 1950s, and Marvel had to print hundreds of thousands more to meet demand. Five different editions were produced, all featuring the cover art shown here. In 1990, there was no bigger star in comic art than Todd McFarlane, who was coming off a run on Amazing Spider-Man that gave the character an exciting new look. For this first issue, he took over as the writer as well, and fans couldn't wait to see what he would come up with next. One of his trademarks was Spider-Man's intricate webbing, painstakingly drawn, and as impressive as that was on the printed page it's even more so with the art in your hands. Long held in a private collection, and fresh to the market, this is without a doubt, one of the most famous covers we've had the privilege to offer. Bob Overstreet's commented that the excitement caused by this issue "spilled over to the entire Marvel line and to DC and other publishers as well." Very few comics in the history of the medium have had that sort of impact. This timeless Marvel masterwork has an image area of 9.75" x 15", and is in Excellent condition. Boldly signed by Todd McFarlane in its lower border. From the Shamus Modern Masterworks Collection.
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