Carl Barks Donald Duck Flying Dutchman Painting Original Art (1972).... (Total: 1 Original Art)

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Title Carl Barks Donald Duck Flying Dutchman Painting Original Art (1972).... (Total: 1 Original Art)
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Description Carl Barks Donald Duck Flying Dutchman Painting Original Art (1972). The Flying Dutchman #1 (#23-72) marked the very first time that a splash panel from a comic story was used as the subject of a Carl Barks painting. In a 1972 letter to Don Ault, Barks stated that "it is a subject that stands on its own merits as a seascape." In Uncle Scrooge #25, Barks had featured the ghostly galleon in the opening splash panel, and again on the page 11 splash panel where the Duck family spots the Dutchman sailing up in the sky. The dark clouds behind the red sails make this first version the spookiest of the three versions Barks painted, matching the eerie tone of this ghostly adventure. Carl Barks truly enjoyed drawing ships; Barks historian Geoff Blum points out that he had started his comic book career by drawing all the nautical pages for "Pirate Gold" (Four Color #9, 1942), and drawing stormy seascapes was Carl's motivation for doing his classic "Horse-Radish" story in Uncle Scrooge #3.This version of the Flying Dutchman painting is so rare most Barks fans have never seen it! It wasn't included in the 1981 book, The Fine Art of Donald Duck. Barks did a second version that was sold in 1991 after being held by the family as a retirement "nest egg", and a third and final version was sold by Heritage in 2002 for a whopping $80,500.Flying Dutchman #1 is painted in oils on Masonite with an image area of 18" x 24", and is framed in gold wood which makes the yellowish lightning bolts stand out. Other than a thin, non-obtrusive 9" contact scratch than runs from the frame down past the back of the ship, it's in Excellent condition. It's a true maritime masterpiece as only Barks could deliver. Don't let your opportunity to get it sail away!
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