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No. 1 Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats


Diane Stein

How to keep your pet healty through massage, herbal remedies, acupressure, nutrition, psychic healing, homeopathy, acupunture, flower essences, muscle testing. Softcover, 8th printing. Crease on front cover and first 3 pages. Pages are clean. Good condition. Publisher ISBN: 9780895946140.

Price: USD 9.99
Inventory No: 6031

No. 2 Painting Roses with Deanne Fortnam MDA


Deanne Fortnam

Very good hardcover, colored boards. Published ISBN: 0891349138. Eleven step-by-step projects cover a variety of popular styles--from simple strokework roses to Norweigian and Russian styles to breathtaking, realistic compositions with detailed blossoms, buds and foliege. You'll find everything you need to succeed--from instruction on basic strokes and surface preparation to how to create realistic higlights and shading.

Price: USD 14.00
Inventory No: 6043

No. 3 Pet Sitting : How to Open and OPerate a Financially Successful Pet Sitting Business


Angela Williams Duea, Foward by Ryan O'Mera

This book teaches you the proper way to care for a variety of different animals, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles, and more. You will learn about laws and regulations that govern pet sitting, how to market your business, and how to exceed your clients' expectations. The accompanying CD-ROM provides sample forms, marketing materials, and a full business plan that you can use to start your pet sitting business today. Used but in like new condition. Publisher ISBN: 9781601382290.

Price: USD 24.99
Inventory No: 6024

No. 4 Sometimes I'm Bombaloo (First Edition)


Rachel Vail, Illustrated by Yumi Heo

Hardcover, fist editon stated. Very good condition. Dustjacket has slight creases. Published ISBN 0439087554. Sometimes, Katie looses her temper. She uses her fet and her fists instead of works. When Katie is this mad, she's just not herself. Sometimes, she's Bombaloo. Being Bombaloo is scary. But a little time-our and aa lot of of love calm Bombaloo down and help Katie feel like Katie again. This warm and reasuring book is perfect for sharing with anone who is Bombaloo.

Price: USD 9.99
Inventory No: 6015

No. 5 The Animaliers : A collector's Guide to the Animal Sculptors of the 19th & 20th Centuries


James Mackay

Hardcover, black cloth binding. X-Library copy, with typical stamps. Small tear in cover. Great resource copy. The scope of this book is the rise of the Animalier school of sculpture in the early nineteenth century, from it's beginning under Barye, Fremiet and the Bonheurs and its spread to other countries including the United States. The book is concerned not only with the classic 'Animaliers' of the French school, but with the developments in the other countries right up to the present day. Emphasis is given, for example, on the way in which the fashion for animal sculpture was exploited in American, with the emphasis on the distinctive wildlife of the vanishing prairie and the 'cowboys and the Indians' theme explored by Remington and Elwell and continued to this day in the bronzes of Harry Jackson.

Price: USD 19.99
Inventory No: 6036

No. 6 The Captive Reef : A Concise Guide to Reef Aquaria in the Home


Dana Riddle

The Captive Reef is a pratical handbook for beginners and advanced hobbyists. This book will aid all hobbyists in maintaining their reef aquariums and is a must for anyone who wants to keep soft and stony corals. Hardcover, colored boards. ISBN: 0964014726. Very good condition.

Price: USD 9.99
Inventory No: 6017

No. 7 The Celts : The epic story of the Western World's third great civilization


Gerhard Herm

Hardcover, good condition. Bumps on binding, rubs on dustjacket. Published ISBN: 312127057. Printed in the U.S.A. 16 pages of illustrations and 13 maps.The CELTS is the 200-year epic story of the North European civilization that rivalled Greece and Rome for richness, diversity and power. Originating with the fierce naket warriors who collected enemy heads as war trophies, the Celts eventually made their influence felt from the Middle East to the Atlantic, bringing with them a unique culture and mythology, and a style of art considered the greatest achievement north of the Alps after the Ice Age.

Price: USD 9.99
Inventory No: 6005

No. 8 The Koehler Method of OPEN OBEDIENCE for Ring, Home and Field


William R. Koehler

Hardcover, green cloth picture boards. Previous owner obvioiusly shot a couple of the pages. Small damage only. Binding is tight, pages clean. Bumps on edges. Good reading copy. Publisher ISBN: 0876057539.

Price: USD 9.99
Inventory No: 6040

No. 9 The Parson and Jack Russell Terriers (Free DVD)


Shiela Webster Boneham, Ph.D., Edited by: Wayne Hunthausen, D.V.M

Hardcover, colored boards. Very good condition. Publisher ISBN: 9780793836390. Discover a whole new world of the parson and Jack Russell Terriers. Their intelligence and lively, sparkling personalities have made Parson and Jack Russell Terriers very popular pets. Although differene exist between modern Parson Russells and Jack Russels, their personalities and physical traits still reflect their fox-hunting heritage. Every fiesty and michievous, these little dogs make the perfect companions for those who have the energy to keep up with them! This total care guide contains colorful sidebars, boxes, and photographs that illustrate key topics essential to Parson and Jack Russell Terrier owners. An excellent source of accurate, indepth information.

Price: USD 14.00
Inventory No: 6011

No. 10 This Big Cat and Other Cats I've Known


Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, Illustrated by Alan Daniel

Beatrice Schenk de Regniers celebrates cats -- their wiles and guiles, their quriks and winning ways 00 in a series of poems that are sure to delight cat lovers, both young and old. Hardcover, very good condition, stated First Edition.

Price: USD 9.99
Inventory No: 6020