Beal's Photographic View of New York.

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Author BEAL, JOSHUA (active 1860s-1870s)
Title Beal's Photographic View of New York.
Year Published 1876
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Description "Beal's Photographic View of New York." Monumental 5-part panorama of lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge Tower by Beal. Albumen prints, total size 10 1/2x87 inches (26.7x221 cm.), flush mounted. 1876
Comments New York, An Illustrated History, 170-171. Beal's view of New York City was shot in January 1876, after the photographer wrestled his heavy camera equipment, glass plate negatives, and tripod up the tower's thirty flights of stairs. Beal exposed five negatives to create a composite photograph nearly seven feet long. The images provided a never-before-seen sweeping panorama of lower Manhattan's landmarks and commercial activity along the East River. In the distance, landmarks such as Trinity Church, the Western Union Building, St. Paul's Chapel, the new Post Office, and the Tribune Building are also depicted. Dominating the scene is the massive New York Tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, which was completed in 1883.
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