American Flamingo, Plate 431,

Lot Number 360L
Author John James Audubon (1785-1851)
Title American Flamingo, Plate 431,
Year Published 1838
Place Printed
Printed By Robert Havell Jr. (1793- 1898)
Description John James Audubon (1785-1851) Plate prepared (1838), printed, and colored by Robert Havell Jr. (1793- 1898) Plate dimension format: large; paper dimensions: 38 1/2 x 26 1/4 inches. Text above image: "No 87", left and "PLATE CCCCXXXI", right. Text below image: "Drawn from Nature by J.J. Audubon", left and "Engraved Printed and Coloured by Robt. Havell 1838", right. Plate legend text: "American Flamingo, / PHOENICOPTERUS RUBER, Linn. / Old Male."; no variants. Framed with 19th Century American style gilt molding with carved ray panel and leaf corner, floated in archival linen mat, and glazed with non-reflective, ultra-violet protection glass; outside dimensions: 49 1/2 x 37 inches. The preparatory "Painting depicts one bird, with no background other than the shadow cast by the bird's legs. In the plate, the bird is on one of many mudflats with water between them. There are eight other Flamingos in the middle and far distance. At the top, there are detailed drawings of the bird's foot and various views of the beak and tongue.
Estimated Price USD 150,000.00 - 175,000.00
Actual Price USD 125,050.00



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Auction Date September 8, 2012 - September 8, 2012
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