Henry Robert "Bobby" Pearce - Rowing Archive

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Title Henry Robert "Bobby" Pearce - Rowing Archive
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Description An Important Olympic Archive collection, H.R. "Bobby" Pearce, Champion Sculler. Including Olympic Gold Medals and Diplomas, 1928 & 1932 Olympiads The archive comprising: * A framed collection of Prize and Participation medals, comprising: The Melbourne Amateur Regatta 1908 (Harry Pearce), The Philadelphia Challenge Cup with ribbon (2), 1928 Olympiad participant's medal and Gold Medal, Amsterdam. 1930 British Empire Games participant's Medals, Hamilton. 1932 Olympiad participant's medal and Gold Medal, Los Angeles. * A framed Prize winner's Diploma, 1st place, single scull, Amsterdam 1928. * A framed Prize winner's Diploma, 1st place, single scull, Los Angeles 1932. * A framed collection of three Prize certificates,The President's Cup, Amateur Sculling Championship of Australia, 1927,1928,1929. * A framed collection of three Prize certificates, The Sculling Championship of New South Wales, 1926/27, 1927/28, 1928/29. * A framed collection of Olympic memorabilia, including a letter confirming selection for the 1928 Olympiad and a letter clarifying Amateur status, a photograph of Pearce with Joe Louis, and a photograph of Pearce with two Dutch girls, an invitation to meet the Prince of Wales and a track ticket for the 1932 Olympiad. * A framed photograph of Pearce winning the Olympic final in Amsterdam 1928, plus another inscribed "to the Graham Family" 1933. * Painted spelter figure of Pearce in the Dewar Boat, on a marble plinth, inscribed To HR (Bob) Pearce Worlds Champion Sculler lX Olympiad Amsterdam 1928 from LE (Les) Duff Honorary Manager Australian Olympic Team 1928 * A section of a broken sculling boat, with the name DEN, mounted on board, with a note about Kenneth Myers in the final 1928. * A silver gilt "Pineapple" prize Trophy, The Diamond Sculls, Henley Royal Regatta 1931. * A framed signed original cartoon "Scrambled Eggs" by Lou Skuce featuring Bob Pearce. * The Lou Marsh Memorial Trophy, Outstanding Canadian Athlete of the Year 1938, H R Pearce. Together with a framed photograph and programme from the presentation ceremony. * A framed blueprint, The world Professional Sculling Championship course, Toronto 1933. * A rolled gold Hunter watch by Elgin, inscribed inside the cover From Les Darcy Middleweight Champion of the World to (Bob) Harry Pearce Jnr. with every good wish on his tenth birthday 30.9.1915 * A collection of eight scrap books and photograph albums, covering mainly the period 1927-1939, and dealing with the Amateur and Professional World Sculling Championships, the Olympic Games, Empire Games and Henley Regatta. * A can of Foster's Lager, Bobby Pearce. Together with some material relating to Bob Pearce's father Harry Pearce: * A framed painted silk Red Ensign, inscribed with names of opponents in the Sculling Championships 1909-1911. * A framed photograph of Richard Arnst, winner of the World Sculling Championship against Pearce, 1911. * A large hand coloured photograph, inscribed Harry Pearce, undefeated Champion Sculler of Australia 1913 (quantity)
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