La Discrittione dell prima parte dell'Asia.

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Author GASTALDI, Giacomo (c.1500-1566)
Title La Discrittione dell prima parte dell'Asia.
Year Published 1561
Place Printed Rome: Antonio Lafreri,
Printed By
Description GASTALDI, Giacomo (c.1500-1566). La Discrittione dell prima parte dell'Asia. Rome: Antonio Lafreri, 1561. Engraved map of the Middle East by Jacob Bos, on two joined sheets, 447 x 744mm; Il Disegno Della Seconda Parte Dell'Asia. Engraved map of southwestern Asia centred on the Arabian Peninsula by Fabio Licinio, on two joined sheets, 480 x 752mm; Il Disegno Della Terza Parte Dell'Asia. Engraved map of India and southeastern Asia by Fabio Licinio, on two joined sheets only, 480 x 732mm; both Venice: Giacomo Gastaldi, 1561. (First map remargined at lower right-hand corner, all maps with vertical crease folds, some reinforced on verso, second map with an irregualar crease mainly in Indian Ocean, and trimmed close to lower edge just touching longitude scale.) Respectively: Karrow nos 30/85.1, 30/91 & 30/92; Nordenskiold II, 130 57, 61 & 62. A VERY RARE SET OF THREE HIGHLY IMPORTANT MAPS OF ASIA by the greatest master of Venetian cartography. Having been established in the city for two decades, by the late 1550s Gastaldi, the 'cosmographer to the Republic of Venice', was devising the large-scale monumental masterpieces that would confirm his legacy. These three maps represent elements of an intended colossal map of Asia, a project so ambitious that it was never realised, though geographically they are based on the small-scale maps Gastaldi previously made of the continent for Giambattista Ramusio's Navigationi et viaggi. The first map is a faithful second edition of Gastaldi's 1559 original work, produced by Antonio Lafreri, the French-born publisher based in Rome. The image is centred on Persia, and the curious depiction of the Caspian Sea in the ovoid form it invariably assumed until the 1730s. The artistic virtuosity of the engraving betrays the hand of Jacob Bos, who enlivens the maritime spaces with numerous ships, and the Steppes with Tartars' tents. The second map, in the first state, was produced by Gastaldi himself and was finely engraved by Fabio Licinio. It is centred on the Arabian Peninsula, and encompasses the area from the Nile valley to the mouth of the Indus. The third map, by the same producer and engraver, is without the two additional southern sections on flaps, but nevertheless provides a magnificent perspective of India, the Malay Peninsula and southern China. Unusually, it contains a gazetteer of place names. (3)
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